Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Last minute touch-ups

Today’s a TWO-fer! I never do that - but lucky you!
I’m posting mostly photos of photos because even this photography loving girl doesn’t have digital copies of some of these moments. I don’t know why... But, I have them now.

Sometime in the afternoon/evening of my wedding eve, my sisters, mom and I decided we should be getting our nails done. (a little late in the game? ya. I think so too...) So, we called up the only place that was still open for the evening and they gave me two girls on my hands and one on my feet cause we’d already gone 45 minutes past closing. (Sorry ladies)
Who expected that last shot?

After getting our nails done we hurried back to the computer and finished typing the programs until approximately 12:30am into D-Day Wedding Day.


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