Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My husband is the luckiest man alive. He found a wife who loves football. I can't wait for the season to start and am glad the "lock-out" is all cleared up. Sometimes during the season we'll have friends of ours - or folks in the church invite us over for a game.

We love to hang out - however, sometimes I get the feeling that the boys have been invited to watch the game and the girls.... well... we're supposed to knit. or cook. or chat. .... Nope. I want to watch the game.

So - my husband's the luckiest guy because I don't care if the games on all day Sunday... again on Monday night... Sometimes Thursdays... and this year - even a little football on Saturday. Four days a week isn't so bad, right?

A friend of ours received tickets to tour Qwest (Now Century Link) Field in Seattle (our neighbor to the North) and he graciously invited us to join. So we tripped up there on Sunday and had a great time visiting the Seahawks home stadium...

However, my husband had to be sure that everyone knew where his true allegiance lies. At one point as the tour guide was poking fun at him for the Packers hat he slyly responded, "Do we get to see where the Seahawks keep their Superbowl trophies?" Oh snap.
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  1. We will GLADLY have you guys over!

  2. Smart Mouth alert! That is too funny. I am not that quick with the remarks. Color me impressed.

  3. lol to your hubby's comment. :) I also like to watch sports...I LOVE college basketball (men's) and when we were in Manhattan, KS we went to almost all the Kansas State home games. Oh, how I miss those days.

  4. I hate football. So, YES, your husband is very lucky!
    and I love your first shot!!!

  5. I agree he´s lucky - I however consider myself lucky that my hubby just do sports and rarely watches it, haha! There´s few sports I can stand watching on TV (live is another thing though).

    Love your pics! :-)

  6. Don't be to quick. Tell your cheese-head to hold on a bit.btw Go PATS!

  7. Oh yeah Packers! My mother's step-sister is Brett Favre's cousin (I know he doesn't play with them anymore, but still). I like football too, but I must admit I can't sit through an entire game.

  8. LOL, I love your husband's comment!

    Thank you for linking up with Communal Global. We hope to have you join us again next week. :)

  9. Thank you for joining us at Communal Global! This was such a fantastic post. I LOVE your first picture. And then your husband : ) and his hat. So great. I am glad you like football. I can't really get into it. I try and it just befuddles me.

  10. Cool photos. Love the comment.


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